As a Christian Female Life Coach, this life coach would truly like to help you walk into your calling as a child of a king who wants nothing but the best for you. And this is not because of who you are, but because of who you are in christ. When we believe that Christ is who he says he is, it will set us free to live our lives to their fullest potential and walk and truth. it will give us courage, vulnerability, and ultimately freedom. Jesus had lots of experience and ministry. During this time he was asked how we can know the way?

This Christian Female Life Coach knows what the answer of Jesus was. He said that he is the way and the truth and the life. He also said that no one comes to the father except through him. of him, we have been set free from our sins. He was sent to die for our sins so that we can enjoy life Everlasting with our Heavenly father. This is an incredible gift. When we recognize and believe that Jesus is the truth, we realize that ourselves and our personalities must decrease so that he might become more and more prominent in our daily lives. We should all strive to reflect on him and everything that we do. There are many verses that this life coach would like to encourage you with.

This Christian Female Life Coach would like for you to take a moment to read a few scriptures from the bible. To name a few, she would like you to read John 3:30, James 4:10, 1 Peter 5:6, and James 4:6. Although there are many scriptures that this life coach loves and enjoys, these are a few of her favorites and she feels that they are most relevant to her clientele. If you would like to learn more about her, please spend some time in scripture reading through these and other scriptures as they are very helpful and motivational in life.

Ultimately we want you to be able to humble yourselves. As humble followers of Christ you will be able to live a fulfilling life allowing Christ to speak through you. that way it will be his will above your will. you will have the mind of christ. One of the very first steps in becoming free of a mask and hidden life is to begin recognizing the truth of Jesus christ. this life coach would like to help you do that

On this website,, you will be able to see many different Bible verses and frequently asked questions that Katie receives. She would love to help you through the process of entering your identity and fulfillment in christ. She would also love to speak with you on the phone about how she can best meet your needs. please call this number: 406-240-6732

Christian Female Life Coach | Prayer is A Power

With the help of this Christian Female Life Coach, you will learn how to utilize the power of Prayer in your daily life. you can begin by reading her best selling book unmasked. This will give you a great start and how do you utilize prayer to benefit you every single day and to draw you closer to christ. Have you ever wondered how powerful prayers are? Do you ever wonder what the point is? Why do we even pray? What is the purpose of it? and are we even heard by our heavenly father when we pray? All of these questions are answered by this life coach.

This Christian Female Life Coach would love to help you get answers to these questions through coaching, reading her books, or attending her events. We assure you that any encounter you have with this life coach will be life changing for you. She will help to transform your mindset and to help you be renewed and who you are in christ. She believes that prayers are the way that we are able to communicate with God and that he wants us to turn to him in every situation that we may face. Just as we communicate and turn to friends and family no matter what kind of situation we are walking through, we also want to go to God and turn to him and tell him in all situations.

This Christian Female Life Coach will give you guidance on how to do that. someone once said that “you could expect a plant to grow without air and water as you could expect your heart to grow without prayer and faith.” This life coach believes fully in that statement, and wants to help you be like a plant that is watered and given sunlight. Do you have plants? and do you make sure that you water them frequently? Do they have access to Fresh air? imagine what would happen if they did not have access to these things. This is what your life is like with prayer. imagine what a difference prayer would make in your life if you would fully utilize it right now.

Jesus also said a great example of what a prayerful life looks like. He would frequently go up to the mountain to talk about how life was going and what he needed to tell God everyday. He would go to a quiet place by himself to spend time and commune with his father. He was setting an example for us in doing this. We should be doing the same thing daily. We should be going to our quiet time and diligently praying over everyone in our lives and asking for guidance from god. This life coach will help you to feel motivated to do just that.

We would love for you to visit our website at so that you can read more information and articles from this life coach. She has many great resources available to you that you can access anytime. We would also love to hear from you over the phone at 406-240-6732.

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