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You can have the courage to be vulnerable unmasked and free.

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Unmasked: The Power of Courage and Vulnerability to Live Free No More Settling, Shame or Self-Betrayal

Have you ever hidden behind a mask of shame, feeling unworthy, betrayed, or settled due to the bad decision you made? You knew immediately it was the wrong thing to do and yet you did it anyway. If you were like me, you hide behind a mask due to the shame & humiliation, mortified and embarrassed. Then reality sets in that once again you have settled and betrayed yourself. Next comes the feelings of unworthy, unbecoming, shameful, and unforgivable. As you read “UNMASKED” you will come to know…• You are able to take the mask off and live free knowing you are cherished, forgiven and loved unconditionally. •That there is a perfect plan for your life to have all that you deserve and were created to be, do and have. •You will go from broken to blessed by implementing steps to live a life of unshakeable confidence, peace, joy, and love knowing you are worthy of it all. We were never meant to wear a mask. We were created to live life with courage and vulnerability at peace living free. After reading UNMASKED you will never reach for a mask again.

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