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Katie is a passionate Christian Female Life Coach that many are experiencing breakthrough and transformation with. Katie has had a career in Corporate America and was a top sales rep in her career. Katie can help you with your career by helping you become free from shame and self betrayal. If you’re looking to take your life to the next level and experience life to the fullest then reaching out to Katie may be the Breakthrough you’re looking for. you can find out your calling, have access to Katie’s inner circle, stay on track with monthly check-ins and have access to a weekly accountability call. When you sign up for your free 30 minutes of coaching, then we can get started helping you live your level 10 life.

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Katie is passionate about helping you find your calling and live into your destiny. She is passionate about helping women realize that they are here on purpose. If you’re a confident woman who is successful in their career but still needing breakthroughs then Katie is the perfect match for you. She can help you in life with her coaching sessions or you can book her for a speaking engagement.

visit our website at to fill out information to contact you and get started today. You can give us a call at our ministry number at 406-240-6732 to get started today. We look forward to working with you and you living your best life. We know that you are a confident woman that is radiant and can be fully equipped to live financially free and have time freedom to give back and experience your best life. We know that you want to leave a legacy for your family and we can help you do that too. Katie is passionate about all these things and she has proven a success. She has worked in Corporate America and been successful and now she is a successful life coach and speaker.

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