Katy Huff, a christian female life coach Is looking for Christian women over 35 years old who have had experience in a professional career and are driven and looking to live life at level 10 yet have fallen into a common or uncommon pitfall that has been stuck. Her goal is to pull these women out of their current situation and launch them into the life that they want to create for themselves. Katy has over 15 years of experience in public speaking and has spoken to crowds of up to 15,000 people over the years. I brought her across the world in pursuit of her mission.

Although she has achieved this goal all over the world, she is still hungry to see change in women through personal and individual meetings. She has developed several course packages and coaching programs to achieve this goal. In her course packages she offers two different courses for the individual process and for group formatting. She has seen a lot of success through these courses. She is still developing two more courses that will be available for purchase soon. Katy reports that she has seen life-changing differences from the women who have gone through these programs.

In the individual course, Katy will walk the participant through her book UNMASKED: the power of courage and vulnerability to live free, no more settling, shame or self-betrayal. What is a rare opportunity for a reader to carefully walk through an author’s book with the author to receive her perspective throughout. Throughout this process the reader will be walked through a free hand Christian Female Life Coach book developed by the author so that the most understanding can be achieved. This process will give the participant a clear guide for the road to living your life at a level 10. If you are looking to truly accomplish your dreams and see them come to fruition this course is for you.

In the group course, Katy will walk each participant in the group through the 10 aspects of life that will Define your passions and leave you with a step-by-step guide to achieving your goals. These 10 aspects of the course involve mind, body, and spirit. These aspects will identify what is holding you back from realizing your goals and flip them into Fuel and a positive Christian Female Life Coach mindset that will help you on your way. This course also includes an assessment of 8 areas cut concrete steps that will help you achieve your destiny.

If you would like to learn more about Katy’s Ministry and message please visit https://katy-huff.com/ or call 406-240-6732 speak with a representative who can guide you in the right direction for the best product for you. Both of these courses are humbly priced so that those involved can have the opportunity to actualize their dreams. Listening to the website, you can also purchase Katy’s book or subscribe to her email list where you will receive updates on her Ministry and upcoming events.UNMASKED is now available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon.

Christian Female Life Coach | Reframe Your Drive

Katy Huff is a seasoned entrepreneur and life coach who has 15 years of experience and has spoken to audiences of up to 15,000 people as a Christian Female Life Coach. Target demographic is Christian women over the age of 35 who have had success in their professional career yet have fallen into a pitfall from bad experiences or past events. While in these situations, the individuals she is seeking out remain with a high amount of drive, passion, and will to live life at a level 10. All these years of her career have brought Katy all over the world as she impacts women in these scenarios.

Katy’s book UNMASKED: the power of courage and vulnerability to live free no more settling, shame or self-betrayal launched her as a Christian Female Life Coach into Number one best-selling author status. This book discusses how some people have a tendency to hide behind a mask of unworthiness due to a past experience where they were mortified, hurt, or embarrassed. Katy offers a way out of this mindset. She urges people in these scenarios to take off the mask that they hide behind in order to set themselves free so that they can achieve the life that they want and actualize their dreams. She argues that the mask does not define us rather what we do after those experiences.

UNMASKED is a very powerful book presented by this Christian female life coach. This book will leave the reader into a life of peace and joy which will in turn give him the freedom to do what they want with their lives without hesitation. A large part of this book is the fact that some experiences limit people from being able to achieve what God has called them to do. Katy tells the reader in this book that they are meant to live life with courage in order to see what God created them to do.

One of Katy’s two courses offers an inside perspective through the reading process of her book. In this individual course titled Unmasked and Free, participants will be able to read along with Katy as she gives them her perspective of writing. This is a very unique opportunity to hear the author’s perspective of the writing in real time as you read it along with them. This course also involves a free workbook that will even further direct your understanding of this Mindset. The participant will also be able to access this book from anywhere on their device via ebook format. Those who decide you take the step towards their dreams will leave with a feeling of peace and freeness without shame or settling.

In order to keep up with Katy’s Ministry visit the website at https://katy-huff.com/ or at 406-240-6732. This number will connect you with a representative who can direct you in the right direction towards which product is the best fit for you interacting with Katy. You can also subscribe for email updates where you will receive emails that will update you on Katy’s career Ministry and upcoming events.

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