A womens inspirational leader named Katy Huff has a passion for helping young professional women over the age of 35 you have fallen into either a unique or common pitfall purple passion and chasing a dream in their career. She offers speaking, coaching, courses, and hosts events to accomplish this mission. She brings 15 years of speaking experience and has spoken to crowds of over 15,000. Katie grew up in Montana where she traveled with a group singing, dancing and playing piano. She is also a registered nurse and seasoned entrepreneur. If you are a christian woman who wants more from your life and career, you have found the right person.

This womens inspirational leader teaches women in her coaching classes. She is currently offering a package deal at a great value for those looking for help. In this package, clients will receive a one-on-one free 30-minute coaching strategy call. A once-a-month 1 hour coaching call, access to Katy’s inner circle, plus 1 monthly 15 minute check in. In this course we will be able to present their goals and dreams to Katy who will then discuss with them what is holding them back and what problems they have run into in pursuit of these dreams. Along with this course, participants will be required to commit to a 6-month program so that Katy can ensure their progress.

Her courses are one way she acts as a womens inspirational leader to connect with her audience on a personal level. She offers two courses currently, and is working on two more for release soon. The first course is an individual course for $97. In this course Katy will personally walk participants through her number one best-selling author book UNMASKED: The Power of Courage and Vulnerability to LIve Free No More Settling, Shame or Self-Betrayal. Her second course is for the group setting where Katy will walk the groups through the areas that make up our lives including mind, body, and spirit.

Katy hosts these courses after 15 years of public speaking experience where it was harder to connect with individuals. She has been featured on podcasts such as Get After It, Bible News Radio, and the American Gumption Morning Show. She has also spoken at larger events like River of Life Women’s Workshop, International LegalShield Conference, Annual Montana Empowering Women’s Retreat, International Speaker for LegalShield, and Joyce Meyer Ministries Interview.

If you would like to learn more about Katy or any of her services, please visit https://katy-huff.com/ or give us a call at 406-240-6732 where you can speak with a representative to find out what option is the best for you. You can also buy her #1 selling author book on the website or Amazon where it is now available in ebook and paperback format. If you intend to read the book, please download your FREE workbook to help you through it from the website. Stay up to date with Katy by subscribing to her email list where you will receive updates on upcoming events.

Womens Inspirational Leader | Changing Your Perspective

Katy Huff Is a womens inspirational leader Who is passionate about helping women find their passion and achieve the goals they have for their life. As a seasoned entrepreneur and public speaker, she now offers courses and coaching to achieve this goal. For over 15 years she has traveled the world sharing her message with women. This has elicited a great response and an even bigger impact. Katy has spoken to crowds of up to 15,000 throughout these years and now wants to help women on the personal level. Let’s take a look at what these fifteen years have provided for her.

Katy is a powerful womens inspirational leader and has achieved number 1 bestselling author status with her book UNMASKED: The Power of Courage and Vulnerability to Live Free No More Settling, Shame or Self-Betrayal. This book talks about a common Pitfall that women find themselves in. She has noticed that when a negative experience happens in life, many tend to hide behind a mask and use those experiences to define themselves.

In one of the courses Katy offers, the womens inspirational leader will walk the reader through the book throughout a series of weekly meetings. Allows the reader to have it inside respective to the authors but throughout the entire experience of the book. This course is available for $97 and takes place throughout the course of six weeks with a meeting every week. Not only will the reader walk through the book with you, she will also instruct you how to move through the workbook she offers and help you throughout the activities and thought processes. This is a unique insight to an author that is not commonly offered to any reader.

This individual course is not the only course Katy offers to her audience. She also hosts group courses. The individual course is titled Unmasked and Free where the group course is titled F.I.T.T Faith in Total Transformation. In Faith in Total Transformation, Katy guides the group members through a 10-week course that evaluates the 10 areas of life that Katy believes make up our lives. Are you staying at practice and identifying what areas are holding them back on the road of becoming Unstoppable. of course also includes an assessment of the eight areas and steps to achieving any person’s destiny. We are ready to give you a brilliant solution for whatever you come to us with.

Are interested in learning more about Katie or her mission and Ministry, visit https://katy-huff.com/ or give us a call at 406-240-6732 where a representative will help you find the best way to interact with Katy. We would like to purchase her book unmasked, please visit the website or Amazon where it is now available in ebook and paperback format. If you purchase the book, please stop by the website and download her free workbook to help you through the thought processes it offers. While you are there sign up for her email list where you will be able to receive updates on future events and courses as they become available.

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