Many women are experiencing breakthrough with Katie as their Womens Inspirational Leader. She is internationally sought after and has been to many countries sharing the love of christ. If you are a professional, Christian woman over 35 years then you may be Katie’s ideal audience. She works with women who have tasted success, are confident, driven and motivated yet they have settled in their relationships and their ideal career. She wants to make sure that they’re not living in shame, saying or self betrayal. She’s accomplished many great things and she wants to show up even bigger. She’s not going to allow her music to die within her living life at a level 10, in her calling, her Destiny and living free. she wants to meet people that are of like mind that want to live life intentionally.

If you want to live life intentionally and you want to hear from an incredible Womens Inspirational Leader then you can book Katie for your next event. She specializes in women over 35 years old who tasted success. If you are confident, driven, and motivated and you have settled in your relationship and career but you are experiencing shame or self betrayal then you may need to hear from katie. you can also experience her at one of her Retreats that she has been putting on for over 12 years.

Katie is an amazing Womens Inspirational Leader Who has been successful in Corporate America and is now sharing the love of Christ across the nations. She is featured in podcasts such as get after it, Bible news radio, American gumption morning show, and reawaken America to her. You can look at her website for events coming up or you can give her a schedule for your event. you can sign up on our website and book her there. by filling out the form with your name and the name of your event then we can contact you and get her scheduled as soon as possible. hurry because her schedule fills up.

If you would like to book Katie for an event then you can head over to our website and press the play button. There you can fill out the information sheet to get started. You can also fill out the information to receive emails from her and get more content about what’s going on with katie. People are saying that Katie is full of powerful messages that share the love of god. She has so much encouragement to give and people, especially women, are benefiting from the message that she has to share.

by visiting you can book her today for your next event. Katie has a special message to give women and to empower them. We know that you will love what you experience whenever you book her. If you would like to know more or if you have any questions then you can reach out to us directly at 406-240-6732. we are excited for you to experience right there.

Womens Inspirational Leader | live life intentionally with a mission

If you are a woman who wants to live internally with a mission then booking an internationally sought after Womens Inspirational Leader may be the thing for you. Her professional life has led to an incredible Ministry. She was a top sales rep and worked in Corporate America for years. Now as an entrepreneur she is inspiring women who are over 35 years old who have tasted success. If you are confident, driven and motivated but you’ve said relationships and your ideal career and are still experiencing shame or self betrayal, Katie can help. She is passionate about helping women live their best life.

From an in person to the virtual stage from 1 to 10,000 Katie has been an amazing Womens Inspirational Leader too. She has incredible testimonies of all that she is doing with women by encouraging them. Many women say that they have experienced a transformative weekend when they come to an event with katie. You can sign up for one of our Premier Retreats at Katie’s website. you can click the play button and fill out the information required so we can get you booked today. you will be appreciative of all Katie stands for and you will know much more about your destiny and calling. Katie is passionate about your destiny and helping you find your calling and living your best life. when you say the women’s retreat is beyond words. They say that Katie is an amazing leader and mentor and she inspires many to live life beyond their belief.

If you would like to book a renowned Womens Inspirational Leader who has worked with well-known ministers including Mario and Joyce Meyers then Katie is your girl. She can But for coaching, speaking, or you can get in one of her retreats. You can also see her future on podcasts including get after it, Bible news radio, American gumption morning show, and the reawaken America tour. If you would like to experience any of your events you can find her at River of Life Women’s workshop, annual Montana power women’s retreat, International speaker for legal shield, and Joyce Meyer Ministries interview.

Katie is an incredible speaker inspiring women across the world. If you are a professional Christian woman over 35 years old who has tasted success and is confident, driven and motivated yet you have settled in relationships and your ideal career then Katie has a great message for you. She wants you to live in your calling and live your best life at level 10. If you have a desire to live life intentionally with a mission to Achieve Financial time Freedom while giving back, finding purpose and leaving Legacy then you have to hear from katie.

you can schedule a time for Katie to speak at her website. you can book her at If you have any questions, you can give us a call at our ministry number which is 406-240-6732. we would be happy to answer any questions

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