Katy Huff is a womens inspirational leader with over 15 years of experience in public speaking that has spoken to crowds over 15,000 and she travels all over the world doing so. Throughout this experience she has been featured on several major networks, stages and podcasts. However, she is from Montana and knows the importance of slowing down to talk to people in the right environment. Therefore, she has developed several courses, coaching classes and events where this can take place. For 12 years she has hosted destination events where women from all over the world can come to be coached and inspired by world-class life coaches including herself. At these events, she has reported to see life changing events where women leave with a true Direction on what they want to do in order to achieve their dream.

As a womens inspirational leader, this is her favorite thing to see from those she can help. In 2022, she is hosting this years destination retreat at Chico Hot Springs in Pray, Montana from October 28-31. This will include all meals, conference, coaching with top trainers, and a five star resort. This will also include VIP special seating, a special bonus gift, replays 24/7 recorded for free, and entrance to Mastermind on October 31st for free to the first 15 buyers. On the website, those interested can see a video of the Hot Springs resort to get a better idea of where the event will be hosted.

Not only does she host these events, she also has developed personalized courses and coaching lessons for those wanting personalized guidance. She currently offers two courses for both individual and group formats. Her coaching package also features several monthly and weekly meetings. Her individual course is titled unmask and free oh, and her group class is titled faith and Total Transformation. In the individual course participants will be personally guidance through Katy’s number one best-selling author book about a course of six weeks. Those who decide to purchase this course also receive a free ebook and workbook. This book is titled unmasked: the power of courage and vulnerability to live free no more settling, shame or self-betrayal.

Here are some testimonials that have been given from audience members and participants of Katy’s content. Lorissa has known Katy for 5 years and reports that her retreats have impacted her family and totally changed her mom. She plans on attending because Katy is so great. Lexi has known Katy for 10 years and she has been a huge mentor and a huge support system for my family. Madison has had the blessing of working alongside Katy for a year and has seen her genuine message hold true behind the scenes and not only on the frontside or stage. Testimonials like these have come from all over the world from countless Womens Inspirational Leader women who have received true help from Katy’s message and Ministry.

You would like to learn more about Katy’s Ministry or message or personal life, please visit https://katy-huff.com/ or call 406-240-6732 speak with a representative for new will point you in the right direction beginning to help or service that is best for you. If you would like to purchase Katy’s number one best-selling author book, please visit the website or Amazon where it is now available in e-book and paperback format.

Womens Inspirational Leader | Finding your Path

Katy Huff is a seasoned entrepreneur, RN, and public Womens Inspirational Leader speaker who has spread her Ministry across the world to thousands of women and help them find direction in their life. She is focused on the goal of bringing women into their passion for helping them find it to achieve their goals in life and live life at a level 10. Though she has done this already through 15 years of experience and spoken to crowds of up to 15000, She continues to travel the world in pursuit of this mission.

KD offers two courses currently, one is for individuals and the other is for groups. Add leave these two courses are already amazing for anyone she is currently developing two more that follow the same format of one individual course and one group course. Individual courses title Don masks and free and is available for $97. And this course individuals will be walked through Katy book on masks personally so they can have the author’s perspective the entire time they go through.

Katy also offers a coaching package where participants can bring their Womens Inspirational Leader goals Passions and plans to Katy so that they can identify what is holding them back from that goal and why. This course has proven true to identify what. Experiences have held with it back from finding their passion and living their life at a level 10. Of course includes a one-on-one 30-minute coaching strategy, a once-a-month 1 hour strategic coaching, access to Katy’s inner circle, plus 1-month 15 minute check in. Just course comes with a six-month commitment to the program so that the participant can get the best value from their purchase. This course is available for $1,497.

Katy also hosts destination Retreat events where women from all over the world can come and learn from her Womens Inspirational Leader in a location. In 2022, this year’s destination Retreat will take place in Chico Hot Springs in pray Montana from October 28th to 31st. this Retreat includes all meals, conference, coaching with top trainers, all at a five-star Resort. This also includes a VIP special seating, replays 24/7 recorded for free, and entrance to Mastermind on October 31st for the first 15 buyers oh, also with a special bonus gift. If you are interested please visit the website to see a quality video of where this will take place in Chico Hot Springs.

If you are interested in learning more about Katy or her Ministry please visit the website at https://katy-huff.com/ or call 406-240-6732 to speak with a representative who can point you in the right direction to finding the package correct for you. Also please visit the website where Amazon where you book and paperback format are offered for the book UNMASKED: the power of courage and vulnerability to live free no more settling, shame or self-betrayal.

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