Katy is a womens inspirational leader who seeks to empower women through sharing her learning and experience after years of being a top sales associate. With 15 years of experience speaking and teaching entrepreneurial women, she has impacted audiences up to 15,000 people. Her book UNMASKED: The Power of Courage and Vulnerability to Live Free, No More Settling, Shame or Self-Betrayal propelled her to #1 best-selling author status. Now, she seeks to continue her journey of bringing women to the forefront of their potential. Today, Katy delivers her teaching through several mediums such as speaking, writing, coaching, and events both in-person and virtual.

This woman’s inspirational leader hosts events both in-person and online. Katy is looking for christian women that want to reach level 10 yet have found themselves stuck in a career, relationship, or life in general. These women will become transparent about what they truly want and share their dreams and aspirations on the path to becoming financially free. Past speaking events include River of Life Women’s Workshop, International LegalShield Conference, International Speaker for LegalShield, and many more. Katy has also been featured on podcasts such as Get After It, Bible News Radio, and Womens Inspirational Leader American Gumption Morning Show.

Women can access coaching from this woman’s inspirational leader as well. Katy offers both one-on-one and group coaching packages. A purchase of $1,497 will give clients the access to a free 30 minute strategy coaching, a one hour coaching with Katy once a month, Katy’s Inner Circle, as well as one monthly 15-minute check in. This coaching has a 6 month commitment to the program and if purchased by August 1, 2022, clients will receive early access to the Spring Retreat event. These courses will grant you a communication with Katy where you will work together in order to find your purpose.

For those looking to take a more active approach to Katy’s teachings, they can enroll in one of the two courses she offers. Soon, Katy is realizing an additional two courses Unmasked and Free is a 6 week course where clients will be given Womens Inspirational Leader Katy’s eBook and workbook for free. This course is an interactive route to living free for $97. The F.I.T.T course is a 10-week Group Coaching course now offering an exclusive special for a 2 person-for-1 price. This course provides an expedited route to living life at level 10. Clients will achieve this by looking through the 10 areas of life that include mind, body, and spirit.

Women who are looking to improve their life through Katy’s teaching can do so in several ways. These individuals can access Katy’s books, speaking, coaching, courses, or attend one of her events. Living life at level 10 can allow opportunities you didn’t know were possible by opening up to yourself and understanding what is possible. If you would like to learn more please visit https://katy-huff.com/ or give us a call at 406-240-6732

Womens Inspirational Leader | Destination Change

Katy Huff is a womens inspirational leader who has developed a prolific career in empowering women who want to achieve the most in life. With fifteen years of speaking experience, she has helped countless women discover who they want to become. Katy wants to help women live life at level 10 and unlock what that means to them. She achieved #1 bestselling author status with her book UNMASKED: The Power of Courage and Vulnerability to Live Free, No More Settling, Shame or Self-Betrayal. Katy’s Teachings have reached audiences as large as 15,000 people over the years.

This woman’s inspirational leader has impacted women at events like River of Life Women’s Workshop, International LegalShield Conference, Annual Montana Empowering Women’s Retreat, International Speaker for LegalShield, and Joy Meyer Ministries Interview. People have always had great things to say about Katy including “I am so appreciative of you and all you stand for. Thank you for the amazing women’s retreat. It was beyond words. You have out done yourself. You are the most amazing leader and mentor. You inspire me to stretch beyond my belief.” Katy has encountered countless people who have provided similar Womens Inspirational Leader feedback to her teachings and lifestyle.

Katy, the women’s inspirational leader is widely known for her writings. The most successful of which is UNMASKED: The power of Courage and Vulnerability to Live Free No More Settling, Shame or Self-Betrayal. This book discusses a common pitfall that many experience. This is the tendency to hide behind a mask after a negatively impactful moment in your life. UNMASKED seeks to inform people that those mistakes or events are not your identity and the key to living a full life is taking off that mask. UNMASKED is available in hardback on https://katy-huff.com/ and now as an ebook and paperback on amazon. The group course is available for $897 currently with a special of a two-person for one price. And the group course participants will be walking through the pain areas that Katy believes make up our lives including mind, body and spirit. This is something you will want to do for many years to come with us.

For the past 12 years, Katy has hosted destination retreats for those to unlock their potential in a new and beautiful location. The next destination retreat will be hosted in Chico Hot Springs in Pray, Montana from October 28-31 2022. Retreat includes all meals, conference, and coaching with top trainers all in a 5 star resort. For more details and pricing, you can visit https://katy-huff.com/. You can also imagine your stay by watching a short video of the resort on the website’s events page. 12 years of these events have proven to change lives and deliver direction to many women.

Katy is driven by a passion to meet and empower women in order to collectively Womens Inspirational Leader find what it is that will get each person to a level 10 life. She has been featured on TBN and Joyce Meyer Ministries. After 15 years, she is still passionate about this mission. Katy can be accessed in spirit by her books, podcasts, and online content. Those women who want to meet her can sign up for a free 30 minute 1 on 1 meeting on her home page at https://katy-huff.com/. You can also schedule coaching with Katy by calling 406-240-6732.

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