Can you have specialized in mobilizing women and she is a Womens Inspirational Leader who is internationally sought after. She has been a secret audience’s largest 15,000. She shares how we are all designed for greatness. She also shows how we have a Divine purpose, calling and a destiny. She’s the number one best thing author of the book unmasked: The Power of courage and vulnerability to live free, no more settling, shame or sell betrayal. She’s been featured on lots of podcasts and she has hosted destination Retreats for many years.

If you’re looking for an incredible Womens Inspirational Leader then Katie Huff is the perfect fit. She is a passionable lives woman who lives at level 10. She does this in person in Virtual events as well as speaking and writing. She does coaching as well. Katie was raising a small town in Montana and she’s traveled up to 11 countries. you will find her dancing, singing and playing her synthesizer when she is with other ministries. She has an incredible story and she wants to empower and quit other women to do the same. you can schedule her on her website and find more about her

We encourage you to schedule Katie as an amazing Womens Inspirational Leader for your event. She has been featured on Mini podcast and she is highly sad after the speaker. She is internationally accredited and she is sought after for speaking events. She has been a speaker and trainer for over 15 plus years. She speaks to large audiences and empowers women. sHe specializes in teaching women while they are designed for greatness in a Divine purpose. She encourages people in their calling and destiny. She worked in America for years as this top sales associate prior to launching her own business.

Katie is an incredible testimony to God’s goodness. Her passion is to immobilize women to live their best life. Being a small town girl she’s really come a long way by experiencing the power of Christ and sharing that with others. She’s very involved in the Ministry and has traveled to many countries. you will find more information about her and you can sign up today on her website to receive more content. If you would like to stay up to date with her you can also do this on our website. She specializes in mobilizing women to live their best life.

You can head over to the website and visit us at to find out more about katie. You can also visit Facebook or YouTube to see what Katie is all about. You can reach us at the ministry on our phone by calling 406-240-6732. We can answer any questions that you might have and we can encourage you and your life by praying for you or giving you inspiration. you can sign up and download a workbook as well on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing your journey in christ.

Womens Inspirational Leader | breakthrough and testimonies

We know that you are going to love looking at Katie as your next Womens Inspirational Leader. She’s an amazing speaker and Coach that is equipping the body of Christ through women. She believes that mobilizing women to live their best life at a level 10 is crucial. She does this by in-person events, virtual events, speaking, writing and coaching as well. She has traveled to many nations and shared the love of christ. She loves to help people find their Divine purpose, calling, and destiny. She believes that we are all created for a purpose and to live on purpose. She is a team member of Lance Wellness War Room Mastermind and she is a part of Lance’s Learning group coaching. Her passion is to immobilize women to live their best life.

If you want to find more out about Katie and how she has become an amazing Womens Inspirational Leader for the body of Christ and head over to our website. you can sign up for her Retreat today and discover how you can become better equipped to live your best life. stay up to date with all things from Katie by joining her email list today. you will receive updates and more content from her. You can also find her on Facebook or youtube. You can see that Katie is busy doing the work of Christ and equipping women while doing it. She’s been featured on many podcasts and hosted destination Retreats for 12 years now.

be encouraged and inspired when you book Katie as a Womens Inspirational Leader. She started in corporate America and was a top sales rep for many years. She is passionate about having women to be who they’re called to be. She is passionate about talking about our design greatness and our divine purpose. She helps women find their Destiny and calling. She is actually a number one bestseller of the book unmasked. She wants people to know they’re calling in Christ and she can be booked for speaking events. You can also book her for coaching as well. if you would like to explain to a retreats and you can head over to that website and sign up today.

you know that you will be completely encouraged and inspired by katie. you can stay up to date with her and see what she’s doing. You can also see who she’s worked with and that she has been featured with many well-known ministers including Lance Wallnau, Mario Murillo, and Joyce meyers. She’s been featured on TBN and she has also done Mini podcasts. When it comes to the body of Christ and helping women Katie is getting it done.

you can find out more about us and all that Katie is doing but heading over to our website at You can give us a call at 406-240-6732 if you have any questions or need any answers. We will help you find your calling and Destiny. you’ll be encouraged and inspired with Katie’s message and all that she is doing for the body of christ.

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